NPM I Nature’s Power for Men

NPM I Nature’s Power for Men

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The natural formula of active ingredients provides neuro-nutrition and is aimed at solving the problems of the male genitourinary system.

* Has natural anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties
* Prevents diseases of the genitourinary system
* Strengthens the body's immune status and increases resistance to viruses, microbes, and fungi
* Reduces the risk of urinary tract infections
* Protects against the development of chronic diseases and consolidates the therapy results.

The vitamin-mineral complex of natural ingredients is targeted at maintaining male strength and health by destroying pathogenic microorganisms that provoke the appearance and development of prostatitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, and urolithiasis. Daily use accelerates the synthesis of male sex hormones, has analgesic and antioxidant effects, has a beneficial impact on sexual and reproductive functions, and prevents cell aging.

Nutraceutical NPM is recommended for absolutely all men, as well as women who are responsible about their health.
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