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S | Ease of digestion

S | Ease of digestion

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A complex of living bifido- and lactobacilli and natural prebiotics for proper intestinal work.

• Helps improve the condition and volume of useful microflora of the intestines
• Activates the work of the digestive system
• Improves the body's adaptation to environmental changes
• Reduces the risk of the development of pathogenic microorganisms and new diseases
• Strengthens protection against toxins from food and the environment

The unique product S is a supercombination of pre- and probiotics in one capsule, which contains 40 mg of lactobacilli rhamnosus GG + 40 mg of a mixture of effective lactic acid bacteria, as well as natural fructooligosaccharides as a prebiotic: 300 mg of delicious food for the active growth of beneficial bacteria.

When taken daily, the complex helps protect the gastrointestinal tract from colonization by pathogenic microbiota and normalize beneficial intestinal microflora, thereby strengthening immunity and preventing the development of many diseases.
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